Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Because of the outpouring of love and support we received from family and friends following Pam’s passing, our family felt a final update to Pam’s blog would be appropriate.

A visitation was held at the funeral  home on Tuesday, October 8.  We appreciate all of those who were able to attend.  The family was comforted by the support we received.  We were especially touched by Jim LeClere and Glen Meservy traveling all the way from Jasper, IN (driving) to pay their respects.  Representatives from Kari and Kristyn’s schools also took time to attend.  Ward and family members were also a great support.

The funeral was held on Wednesday, October 9.  Knowing Pam, she would have been uncomfortable with the attention but very pleased with the program.  Her brother, Ray, offered the family prayer prior to service.  The music included some of her favorite hymns…I Stand All Amazed and I Believe in Christ.  Kristyn (violin) and Laura Dayley (piano) performed a special musical number called, “I Feel My Savior’s Love” which was very beautiful and touched our hearts.  Later, Lisa Hatch, performed a special version of “O My Father” which Pam played several times in the various wards where we lived.  Lisa did an excellent job in capturing the spirit of the piece.  Pam’s brother, Norm, delivered a great overview of Pam’s early life and her son, Jason, paid a special tribute to his mother that was especially moving.  The rest of her children (Shaun, Jennifer, Eric, Ryan, Amanda, Kristyn and Kari) and I shared a special scripture that described Pam.  It was obvious that the kids had been taught by their mother and they had many of her traits.  The Bishop, Bryce Thacker, concluded the meeting with a special testimony of the Plan of Salvation.

Following the funeral, the family went to the cemetery where Pam’s brother, Nephi, dedicated the grave.  The pall bearers included her sons, Jason, Shaun, Eric, Ryan; her brother, Greg; her son-in-law, Jason Payne; her nephew, Jeremy Jensen; and a friend of the family Apolonio Rosalez.  Lunch was provided to the family by the 39th Ward Relief Society.  We express our love and appreciation to all of the sisters who served our family with love and kindness.

Since Pam’s passing, we have received countless emails, cards, and flowers.  Additionally, several people have posted comments on Facebook, the blog, the Anderson Funeral Home website and the Deseret News website.  These comments have been especially comforting to the family and will be cherished for years to come. Thanks to all of you for your love and support during this difficult period.

Many people have asked us about how we are doing.  Pam was such a huge part of our life and a therefore we have a huge hole in our hearts.  We miss her and it will take some time to lessen the wound.  We take a day at a time and have faith in the promise of eternal life and the opportunity we will have to be together forever.  It is expected that we mourn for our loss but we also celebrate Pam and what she did with her life.  She touched so many and was valiant in her testimony of Jesus.  We also have so many family and friends to comfort us and bring us peace.  We also know that Pam will be with us and helping us along the way as we complete our mortal experience.  Our Heavenly Father will also be our guide, comforter and helper.  We also have each other and the kids have been a great blessing to me.  We are in good hands.

Thanks again to all of you for your love and support to Pam and the family throughout this difficult experience.  We will always remember you for your expressions of love and acts of kindness.

The Mullis Family


PS As you may recall, I made a special video for Pam for our 35th wedding anniversary.  It included 6 songs with pictures.  It was shown at the visitation and some indicated they were unable to see it but would like to.  If you are interested, you can view at the following site.  In order to see the entire video, you will have to download it. 


Note:  The fifth song, God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You” was a special tribute to Pam.  


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  1. I finally felt emotionally ready to watch the 35th Anniversary video. I still cried. But I am so thankful that you chose to share this precious collection of family memories with those of us who love all of you, and most especially Pam. Thank you! And may Heavenly Father continue to bless and comfort you. With much love, Dalesse